Social Media

Paid promotion of products or services on social media platforms
to help businesses reach a targeted audience.

What Do We Do?

Assist SME and business owners to enhance social media presence

Utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Conduct A/B tests to determine effective posts for reaching potential customers

Provide customized content creation services according to client’s requirements.

How Are We Different?

Provide clients with transparency by showing them how to monitor ad campaign progress and effectiveness using Facebook Ads Manager
Create customized ads according to client’s preferences, whether creative, aesthetic or straightforward
Manage clients’ social media platforms and create content using videography and/or photoshoots.

Value That We Add:

  • Enhance the client’s brand recognition and prominence among the masses, thereby augmenting revenue generation.
  • Oversee the client’s social media platform to ensure continual salience and provide sufficient content to sustain the loyalty of current customers.

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